Financial Planning is a comprehensive process that will help you organize and prioritize your goals; both short-term and long-term. It takes all aspects of life into account and helps increase the probability of success.

We believe each client’s risk tolerance should serve as a guide to an appropriate asset mix within their portfolio. The manner in which assets are allocated is far more important than the assets themselves.

We take great pride in minimizing tax liability, transaction costs, and hidden operating expenses for our clients. Our investment selection process takes much more into account than just past performance. Incorporating low cost investments with high tax efficiency creates overall greater net performance.

Our financial Planning Process

Step 1: Discovery

We work with you to help identify and prioritize your planning goals. We discuss your retirement needs in depth and what you want out of your retirement.

Step 2: Data Gathering

We collect a variety of information from you and look closely at your individual cash flow, investment allocation, etc.

Step 3: Analyze

We will make assumptions, run calculations and take into an account a variety of factors to determine how to meet your needs and/or identify gaps you may have.

Step 4: Recommend

We meet with you one on one to discuss different ways to meet your retirement needs. We will work together to determine what best suits your individual situation.

Step 5: Implement

We choose our course of action and work as a team to implement.

Step 6: Review

We understand that life changes and we like to be prepared for these changes. Meeting annually to revisit your plan allows us to make adjustments as your life changes.

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