Great Stone Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as the Industrial Park) is the center of the strategic partnership of Belarus and the Republic of China, based on the agreements reached at the interstate level.

Since May 26, 2017, Decree No. 166 has entered into force, which established a wide range of privileges that create comfortable conditions for the residents of the industrial park of business and create significant prerequisites for the dynamic development of this territorial formation.

A team of SMAR Outsourcing Solutions professionals, having extensive experience in accounting and tax accounting for Chinese companies, offers a special package for residents of the industrial park. Namely:

• set-up of accounting;

• tax optimization;

• full support for the use of all tax and customs privileges and preferences provided for by the Decree;

• Preparation of documents for VAT refund,

• Support with preparation lists of VAT refund for administration of the park,

• Tax optimization and consulting,

• Representing the interests of the park's residents in the tax authorities.