Book "Outsourcing. The Art of Delegation" is Now Available!


We are pleased to announce the release of the book «Outsourcing. The Art of Delegation» by the expert in the field of outsourcing, founder, and CEO of SMAR, and creator of the project for women MayTry, Maryia Lemiaza . This book is an indispensable resource for those interested in management, business development, and team efficiency.

About the Book:

Maryia Lemiaza , a member of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) and holder of ACCA’s Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business and DipIFR (RUS) certificates, shares her extensive professional experience. She provides practical recommendations for solving common challenges faced by leaders transitioning to outsourcing.

Book’s Purpose:

The goal of «Outsourcing. The Art of Delegation» is to assist entrepreneurs and project managers in successfully implementing outsourcing, avoiding mistakes, and building long-term relationships with service providers. The book not only answers current questions but emphasizes the strategic nature of outsourcing, highlighting the importance of building enduring relationships when delegating processes to third parties.

Why Read It:

The book serves as a comprehensive guide to the world of strategic outsourcing, focusing on results and long-term relationships. Maryia Lemiaza offers readers a toolkit of practical advice, examples of efficiency calculations, and fundamental principles for building successful partnerships, all based on her extensive international experience.

Intended Audience:

If you face challenges in choosing an outsourcing company, experience difficulties in delegation and contractor control, «Outsourcing. The Art of Delegation» will be your primary guide in these matters.

About the Author:

Maryia Lemiaza is one of the leading experts in international strategic outsourcing in the CIS region. With over 300 successfully implemented projects transitioning to outsourcing for enterprises of various sizes and from different countries, including Belarus, Russia, Poland, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Greece, America, and Israel.

Reader’s Review:

«And I finished reading your book yesterday. It was very pleasant and useful to read. I read it in one breath; it is written very clearly and understandably. The examples and excerpts from practice are on fire.»

Where to Purchase:

The book is already available for purchase in Belarus

It will soon be available in Europe at the following stores:

Don’t miss the chance to learn all the nuances of the art of delegation in outsourcing from an experienced professional. Order your copy of «Outsourcing. The Art of Delegation» today!

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