Our Team

At SMAR Outsourcing Solutions we provide high-quality services of qualified professionals to meet the expectations and requirements of our clients.

Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience in top international consulting companies as consultants and auditors in various sectors of the economy: food, light, chemical industry, metal processing, wood processing, heavy industry, wholesale and retail trade, construction, IT, leasing, Insurance organizations, banks and bank holdings, etc.

Our employees are experts in the Belarus Blockchain Association and members of International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).

In our team work:

  • DipIFR specialists (RUS)
  • Members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants — the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification (ACCA or FCCA). From Dec 2017, ACCA recorded that it has 200,000 members and 486,000 students in 180 countries. ACCA’s headquarters are in London with principal administrative office in Glasgow. ACCA works through a network of over 100 offices and centres and more than 7,200 Approved Employers worldwide, who provide employee development.)
  • ACCA students
  • Auditors with a national auditor standard, as well as certified consultants and lawyers — experts in various fields of law

We do believe that one of the most critical parts of the relationship is the ability of the team to meet the clients demands and exceed expectations for the client success. SMAR Outsourcing Solutions Ltd.’ team is proactive, reliable, efficient and love their work.


Maryia Lemiaza

Founder, CEO

Since 2013, she is actively developing the practice of strategic outsourcing in the Republic of Belarus. From 2016 to 2018 was the founder and partner in the international audit company LLC Grant Thornton, where she led and developed strategic outsourcing services. In 2018, she established her own practice. For a long time she lived and worked in Norway.

Professional qualification:

  • DipIFR specialists (RUS)
  • certified Tax Consultant
  • certified Auditor
  • certified Tax Advisor
  • student of the ACCA (Association of Charted Certified Accountants)
  • student of the program Certifies Outsourcing Professional (COP)

Member of the International Association of Professionals of Outsourcing and an expert of Belarus Blockchain Association.

Maryia co-authored the textbook «Fundamentals of Professional Outsourcing» — a book that will be published with the participation of companies such as IXcellerate, Kelly Services (the largest international company providing outsourcing and personnel management solutions since 1946 in the world), Atos (leaders in the field digital services with an annual income of about 13 billion euros and about 100,000 employees in 73 countries).

Olga Kovtun

Co-founder, Outsourcing Partner

Experienced in the field of financial accounting outsourcing in various business activities (services, construction, public catering, wholesale, IT services). From 2016 to 2018 she was the head of the Asian department in the international audit company, oversaw large-scale projects to develop methodology for accounting, tax optimization, recovery of accounting / tax accounting, assistance for VAT refunds in accordance with the norms of investment contracts, Decrees.

Professional qualification:

  • DipIFR Specialists (RUS)
  • certified Tax Consultant
  • certified Auditor
  • student of the ACCA (Association of Charted Certified Accountants)

Yuliya Vinnik

Head of Payroll Department

Field of Competency: calculation of wages in Belarusian rubles and foreign currency, preparation and submission of all forms of obligatory reporting, advice on payroll and labor legislation.

Olga Heliasava

Lead Accountant, Outsourcing Project Manager

Field of Competency: accounting in production and construction.

Daria Razumova

Lead Accountant, Outsourcing Project Manager

Field of Competency: fixed assets accounting, construction, production.

Anastasiya Grishukevich

Lead Accountant, Outsourcing Project Manager

Field of Competency: wholesale, accounting for IT companies, accounting for industrial organizations.

Anjelika Scheredina

Outsourcing Lead Accountant, Outsourcing Project Manager

Field of Competency: accounting and tax in construction, production, design, budgeting and management accounting, current and long-term planning, business planning.

Anastasiya Khomtchik

Lead Accountant, Outsourcing Project Manager

Field of Competency: accounting in construction, production and IT.

Maria Endovitskaya

Legal advisor, Outsourcing Project Manager

Field of Competency: setting up personnel records, automating workflow in 1C:8, solving complex personnel issues from the position of an employer.

Luidmila Halubitskaya

Lead accountant

Field of Competency: accounting in construction, production and IT.

Irina Globa


Field of Competency: accounting in IT, trade.

Vera Belyaeva

Lead Accountant, Outsourcing Project Manager

Field of Competency: rent, production, income of foreign persons on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Katerina Zhukovskaya


Field of Competency: bank, retail.

Olga Kunitskaya


Field of Competency: accounting in production.

Tatsiana Auchynnikava


Field of Competency: wages, accounting in construction (accounting for materials and equipment (customer/contractor)), banking operations (payments, currency, loans, borrowings, leasing obligations).

Natalya Bandarik


Field of Competency: production, transport, culture, payroll.

Liliya Gorbashova


Field of Competency: accounting in industry and construction.

Olga Bokhan


Field of Competency: construction, wages, personnel records management, business analysis courses in IT.

Yuliya Gapanovich


Field of Competency: construction, agriculture, wholesale trade, work with the Accounting Portal.

Olga Getsman


Field of Competency: personnel accounting.

Liudmila Autka

Legal advisor

Field of Competency: personnel records in medicine, personnel records in difficult conditions, expertise in labor legislation.