Personnel accounting

Personnel accounting

Personnel accounting records management and accounting is a set of procedures for documenting labor relations.

The purpose of personnel records management and accounting is to establish an effective, working system for working with personnel documents.

Correct maintenance of personnel records allows you to protect the enterprise from penalties from regulatory authorities, allows employees to avoid problems when applying for pensions, benefits, allowances and other payments, and also allows you to achieve a certain «balance» in the relationship between the employer and employees through clear regulation their rights and responsibilities.

The success of the employer’s position in the event of conflict situations depends on the quality of execution of personnel documents, especially when personnel documentation acts as one of the written evidence in labor dispute proceedings.

Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of HR outsourcing, and we can offer you the following services:

  • Analysis of the current state of personnel records
  • Restoration of personnel records
  • Hiring, dismissing employees, extending contracts, changing working conditions
  • Issuing orders for personnel
  • Registration and maintenance of personal files of employees
  • Development and execution of job descriptions, internal labor regulations
  • Formation of staffing
  • Registration of a work time sheet
  • Recommendations and consultations on the application of labor legislation
  • Data preparation and submission of personnel reports
  • Monitoring compliance with labor laws, monitoring changes
  • Registration and maintenance of employee work books
  • Development, preparation of a set of documents and maintenance of military records

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