REANDA International

In 2018 SMAR Outsourcing Solutions joined the international network Reanda International and became the first and exclusive company in Belarus. Due to providing high quality service and appropriate qualification of our specialists, the company has become a member of business community as an alliance partner and official representative in the Republic of Belarus.

REANDA International is the first Chinese international outsorcing and consulting company chain is engaged in the business of providing financial-related services and accounting all over the world as well working under its own brand. Nowdays,there are 35 parners all over the world. REANDA International chain is widely-known in Austro-Asiatic and Pacific Regions and in Europe as well. All partners of REANDA International intercommunicate in activating international projects in consulting and audit areas.

SMAR Outsourcing Solutions as a membership of REANDA International is ready to provide services in audit,accointing,tax liabilities,financial advising and legal consulting to our customers and partners in Belarus and abroad. Format,procedures and partner project documents and as well for customers of REANDA International are fulfil all the requirements and value for money.

Being a part of REANDA International was another step forward and upward for implementing collaborative projects and developing new business . We have established direct collaboration between Chinese and international enterprises. Moreover, we have got an opportunity for providing a high quality service to our customers.

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