What we call strategic outsourcing?

For us this term means a long-term, results-oriented business relationship between Client and Service Provider.  

The services providing may comprise a single activity, a set of activities, or a whole end-to-end process.

What does it mean “long-term”? The fixed duration of a contract does not necessarily imply to this term.

Long-term means the client’s intention to get the services (some Client choosing that strategically) in the future from the marketplace of available service providers.

What does it mean “results-oriented”? The term also has specific meaning. It supposes that outsourcing service provider is taking responsibility for the people, processes, the technologies used together with responsibility for assuring that those resources supply the results for which the client has signed the contract. Responsibility for the results is what distinguishes outsourcing from narrower and more traditional supplier and additional staffing.

At SMAR Outsourcing Solutions we provide strategic outsourcing services to the clients with different forms of ownership and different types of activity in various sectors of economy.  Our outsourcing professionals provide high-quality services to our clients. We have amassed extensive experience in this area and can offer to our clients both unique and universal business solutions for each type of business.

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