How many taxes would Apple, Microsoft and Facebook pay if they were residents of HTP?


Becoming a resident of the HTP and falling under its activities, Apple could save $ 13.5 billion on taxes, our company’s employees estimated. Today, American IT-giants, states Statista, have to pay one of the highest taxes in the world on profits and develop legal and not very optimization schemes to avoid an excessive tax burden.

If you «transfer» IT giants to the Belarusian High-Tech Park, the tax burden on residents, prescribed by the decree of President No. 8, which came into effect in March this year, would be significantly less. HTP residents quarterly make the deductions of the HTA administration in the amount of 1% of the proceeds received in the course of the established types of activities, while being exempt from value added tax, have some other tax benefits.

Based on the annual financial statements of the largest IT companies in the United States for the fiscal year 2016, our company experts calculated the approximate amount of their estimated contributions to the HTP administration for the specified period.

For example, Apple for the fiscal year 2016 from its revenues would pay the HTA administration’s payments of $ 2.2 billion instead of $ 15.7 billion in taxes paid by them in fact. Savings in comparison only with taxes on income and profit would be 86%.

For all these companies, the savings are significant — from 70 to 90%. In plus from such residents would be the budget of Belarus, which would receive an additional $ 4.3 billion.