A successful start — we will help!


In November last year, we were approached by a client who acted as an individual entrepreneur (hereinafter — IP). We were tasked with liquidating the IP (preparing all the necessary documents, restoring the books of income and expense records, full tracking in communications with tax and registration authorities) and registering a new legal entity in a very short time.

As a result, the client with our help implemented all the planned: in a timely manner, the company was registered and an optimal taxation system was chosen based on the specifics of the business, 20 employees were admitted to the company, a complete package of documents related to the non-disclosure of commercial secrets and the transfer of intellectual property rights own; for two months from the USR, the Individual Entrepreneur was excluded without imposing any administrative fines. Experience and well-coordinated work of the team allowed the client to start realizing his business in the shortest possible time.