Maryia Lemiaza’s Presentation at REANDA INTERNATIONAL conference in Beijing


With a great pleasure we would like to tell you that the Head of «SMAR Outsourcing Solutions» Maryia Lemiaza took part in the business-forum «One Belt, One Road» in honour of 25th Anniversary of REANDA INTERNATIONAL. It took place on Nov,18 2018 in Beijing. On Nov,19 Maryia made a presentation at the annual REANDA INTERNATIONAL Conference (Top-20 the best accounting organisations in the World according to Accountancy Age 2017).

At the forum there were official guests among them were Chinese government officials as well Ambassadors and Consuls of the countries where REANDA INTERNATIONAL has got Representative Offices.

Maryia was invited to this conference as a guest and at the same time as a speaker for making a presentation about investment opportunities of the Republic of Belarus and prospects of cooperation between Belarus and China in the strategic outsourcing area. Maryia was speaking about the Belarusian-Chinese project — HTP «The Great Stone», blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency possibilities and more that could lead to efficient, future-oriented and long-lasting collaboration between China and Belarus.

The company «SMAR Outsourcing Solutions» was introduced as a reliable partner and as one-box solution company in the outsourcing area.

Maryia was invited to the office of CITIC CONSTRUCTION CO, Ltd. in Beijing for discussing current and future collaboration and it was a sign of a big trust. Also, Maryia had an appointment with the company representatives of NET DRAGON WEBSOFT INC., that is interested in developing joint business in Belarus and in some countries in the West Europe.

For our company this forum was a remarkable event. During it were signed official documents and the main was a MoU. According to this document the company "SMAR Outsourcing Solutions" has become a part of REANDA INTERNATIONAL business community and a representative in the Republic of Belarus. We are looking forward to cooperating with all members of this chain and strengthening cooperation with our new partners in China and all over the world.

We are grateful to Chinese part for inviting and welcoming us during being in China, apart business schedule we had informal meetings and warm communication.

It was a great experience for our company but at the same time it is a great responsibility. Such events inspire us to work more and better in order to use Belorussian-Chinese partnership potential fully.

Together we will reach new frontiers!