Forum «Belt and Pathway» and meeting with REANDA in Minsk


On July 2, in the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park «The Great Stone», a regional development forum was held as part of the «Belt and Path» initiative, in which our CEO Maria Lemeza took part together with the chairman Mr Huang of REANDA International.

As part of the forum and the development of relations between the two countries, a meeting was held with a delegation from All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, during which discussions were held on areas of cooperation.

Mr Huang visited the SMAR Outsourcing Solutions office as well and held the meeting with the company’s partners. In a sign of mutual respect and goodwill, the participants exchanged memorable gifts. Our outsourcing partner Olga Kosmina was given a scarf in the corporate colors of this international network. Such accessories are available only for female partners of REANDA, it is customary for male partners to hand in ties.

We were glad to receive such distinguished guests and we hope that this meeting will be one of many productive meetings in the future.