Audit payroll is one of the most time - consuming processes. Payroll accounting operations are numerous, differ in variety and specificity.


The purpose of carrying out the payroll audit is to evaluate the compliance of the company's methods in the field of remuneration according to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Auditors' recommendations help to avoid a number of errors, not only related to payroll, but they help with human resources documents preparation and legal-and-regulatory acts of the company as well. If you have any doubts about the correct salary calculation for your employees, then you can contact SMAR Outsourcing Solutions.


We offer the following list of services:

  • Audit of the correctness of payroll
  • Analysis of the correctness and completeness of registration of primary accounting documents for payroll
  • Random control of calculations of average earnings, temporary disability benefits
  • An audit of the appropriateness of applicable incentive and compensation payments
  • Audit of the legality and completeness of deductions from wages in accounting
  • Audit of the legality and compliance with the law of labor relations
  • Audit of payroll reporting