Ongoing tax advisory services aim to support you in the tax-related aspects of management as well as in correct and conscientious compliance with tax obligations.

SMAR Outsourcing Solutions tax advisers will assist you in optimising your tax liabilities and indicate potential risks related to adopting the recommended solutions in terms of tax law.

Our experience and commitment to getting to know the specifics of your business and your business goals reflects in a very high effectiveness of solving tax problems. We do not theorise in our opinions, we solve our clients’ problems. We settle more than a thousand diverse issues for our existing clients every year, which helps us build a very broad basis of experience and solutions that we can apply in future cases.

We work in a comprehensive manner. We assess the consequences with regard to law and taxation (across all tax liabilities), as well as the balance sheet and business consequences.

SMAR Outsourcing Solutions’s ongoing tax advisory includes the following services:

  • Solving clients’ tax problems
  • Providing tax interpretation of business events, as they occur
  • Analysis of contracts with regard to their tax consequences
  • Drafting agreements with compliance to intended tax consequences
  • Development of tax optimisation strategies for implementing intended business operations
  • Support in implementing the proposed strategies for business operations by drawing up drafts of legal documents

We provide ongoing tax advisory on an as-needed consultation basis or through continuous cooperation. The service is priced and rendered on the basis of an analysis of the given actual state of affairs and documents (agreements, administrative decisions, etc.) submitted by the clients. Client expectations are examined each time in an interview.

Depending on the nature of the problem and your expectations, ongoing tax advisory can take the form of:

  • written tax opinions
  • memos sent by email
  • telephone consultations
  • consultation and training meetings
  • hotline

To find out more about the SMAR Outsourcing Solutions ongoing tax advisory, please contact our adviser.

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