Special Offer for IT-companies and start-ups

Favorable conditions for business development in the HTP have led to the rapid growth of the IT industry in Belarus. The rapid growth in the number of companies and their scale is changing the established forms and ways of doing business. In this situation, more than ever, it is important to lay and provide a solid foundation for further development, ensure the smooth functioning of the company, reduce risks, and avoid «growing pains».

We provide a full range of services for Star-up, starting from company registration, consulting on writing a business project for HTP to concluding an M&A transaction.

In addition, the Agile and SCRUM methodologies are at the heart of our service delivery process, so we understand the client well.

The range of services includes:

  • support of the process of joining the HTP
  • preparation of business plans for joining the HTP
  • financial outsourcing
  • office management outsourcing
  • accounting outsourcing
  • development of accounting policies (for financial statements, management reporting, IFRS reporting)
  • setting and maintaining management reporting
  • setting up business processes that ensure the effective functioning of the internal control system
  • developing risk management policies
  • risk management function
  • escrow services
  • consultations and development of a financial model for White Paper