Setup of financial and tax accounting is required for any company launching or expanding/changing its operations.


Key stages of the accounting and tax setting process include:

  • We analyze the specificity of your company’s operations along with tax and labor laws applicable in your industry. We also examine your accountancy system, if any, to identify its weaknesses and strengths.
  • Based on the information thus raised, we develop an optimal policy allowing for cuts in expenditures and timely provision of any data on the company's financial state, on the one hand, and minimization of tax risks, on the other hand.
  • We're ready to create a paperflow system (Belarusian legislation still does not encourage electronic versions of most documents), and to organize an e-document turnover system (including for legally significant papers).
  • We help create a plan for books of accounts with an eye on the latest requirements of the ministry of finance.
  • We ensure compliance of all your systems with the requirements of the Belarusian law and their user-friendliness.
  • We create templates for basic documents related to financial and economic operations.
  • Drawing on earlier prepared documents and systems, we organize managerial accountancy (collecting and analyzing financial information to make managerial decisions).


For more information about Accounting and Tax Setting service, please contact our advisor.