Salaries and, in adittion, staff managment are the biggest and most time-consuming tasks growing companies faced with.


Payroll accounting in compliance with all requirements of labour and tax legislation of the Republic of Belarus is a complex process demanding financial and human resources. This is a work place arrangment,payment of taxes from payroll, purchase and program update, professional development and retraining, etc.


An accounting staff worker is not always in charge of only payroll. In most cases his job responsibilities are wider as a result some mistakes could be made in calculations.


SMAR Outsourcing Solutions can manage these responsibilities on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best - a growing business.


Our professional team has got a big experience in payroll outsourcing and could suggest a full package of services in this area, namely:


  • Payroll in belorussian rubles and in foreign currency as well
  • Calculation of compensation payments provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus
  • Calculation of income tax and deductions to extra-budgetary funds
  • Collaboration with tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds in case of questions regarding reporting
  • Advising on employment law
  • Preparation and submission of all reporting requirements


In addition we could provide a number of services that could help you to minimize the time taken to complete your duties.


For more information about Payroll outsourcing service, please contact our advisor.